Industrial Services

We have a deep understanding of how electrical systems work. This knowledge and experience is used to deliver the most appropriate solutions for all your requirements. A & K Electrical is one of the most respected electrical contractors in Chicago. We have a tradition of constantly incorporating new technological innovations into the services we offer to the industrial segment.

Our range of offerings include:

  • Installation of backup generators
  • preventive maintenance
  • Machinery wiring and meter and panel relocation amongst others.

A & K Electrical has a team of highly experienced and qualified technicians who will be able to advise you on the steps to be taken to ensure that your electrical systems work safely and efficiently.

Industrial Installation

An industrial installation depends upon power for its functioning. If there is a power outage even for a brief period of time, it can lead to great losses. A & K Electrical can recommend the backup generator that is most suited for your requirements. Our team will determine the capacity of the standby generator that is right for your operations and handle the project for its installation and maintenance on a turnkey basis.

We are Here to Help

  • A & K Electrical can also develop a detailed and customized preventive maintenance program for your entire electrical system. This will provide details about how it is operating, track maintenance items and recommend service intervals. Above all, our staff will be in a position to guide you regarding replacement and upgrading of parts before a crisis occurs. Our scope of service will include the maintenance of detailed records so that you know exactly what you have been spending on.
  • We have great skill in meter and panel replacement. A & K Electrical strongly suggests that you verify whether your existing breaker panel has the capacity to bear the load it is being subjected to. A quick inspection can prevent unwanted downtime. In the event that your panel’s specifications are inadequate to meet your needs, our staff will advise you if an upgrade is possible. This is an economical option and serves the purpose just as well.

A & K Electrical is a reputed and well-established Chicago electrical contractor. We deliver work of the highest quality at competitive rates. Our expert technicians are available to take up any electrical work in the industrial segment. We promise to reduce your operating costs and increase the reliability and lifespan of your electrical equipment.